Where to Find Us!

While you're always welcome to place orders directly through the website, our products our also featured in online collaborative showcases, Facebook pages/groups, and in local boutiques and marketplaces. 

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BBows Co., LLC

Our Members-Only Facebook Group featuring sales, exclusives, sneak peeks and more!
Instagram: @bbowsco

Imagination Creation Showcase

Imagination Creation Showcase was created with the vision of bringing the most imaginative vendors to you in a one stop shop group. We stock every Friday at 8pm CST/ 9pm EST

Small Shops for a Cause - Community Showcase

A curated collection of shops working together to bring awareness to various human rights issues.

EMPOWER - A Small Shop Collaborative Showcase.

A small shop showcase group dedicated to creating intersectional space to empower one another.

Jack & John: A collaborative market for boys and men 

Jack and John is a collaborative market featuring handmade small shops that cater to the male audience (both boys & men). Showcases are held every 3rd Wednesday of the month. An occasional pop-up sale may occur.


Lakeview Market

2450 Ellenboro Road, Harrisville, WV 26346

Our Children's Closet

3009 Murdoch Ave, Parkersburg, WV 26101